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Hybrid DSP are experts in the configuration, control, test and simulation of FPGA based hardware. Through our aim to improve simulation performance we developed CUDAfy .NET a software development kit aimed at simplifying the access to General Purpose Graphic Processing Unit (GPGPU) programming.

We have been active since 2005 and have a track record of delivering on time and at a competitive price. We can operate on a fixed or an hourly / daily rate basis.

Flexible means of working

We can operate on a fixed cost, hourly or daily rate, commission or mixed basis.

Partnerships and long term support

In order to share the risk and to reduce initial costs on new products and services Hybrid DSP have partnered with customers – working on a mixed ‘commission’ basis. We regularly take on long term support contracts.

Remote working

When necessary and applicable we log in and work remotely on customers’ systems – this allows immediate response to problems or to new requirements as well as reducing costs.

Building on our own and existing components

We don’t believe in reinventing the wheel and have a substantial library of components – our own and third party – that we can use to minimize risk and delivery time. 

Result focused

We are not keen on taking on projects or consultancy work that are overly vague and fuzzy. When deciding to take on projects we want to have a good grip on the key factors before proceeding.  Once underway we use web-based project management software Agile Programming methodologies to keep customers up to date with exact progress. Mock-ups and easily adaptable alpha and beta versions are routinely delivered and code documentation kept up to date with automatic generation.

Low risk for you

There is a good chance that you don’t know us or our work. Why should you trust us especially with so many big name players in the market? First of all we are a small low overhead operation. Secondly, you will be talking to the owners of the company – it is our reputation at stake. Thirdly, we know our areas of expertise and honestly acknowledge our boundaries.

Contact us for a no obligation meeting and initial analysis.

Other Products

ESA FFTC SDK support is provided via a private portal and in association with ESA and NLR.  Please contact us for more information.

Our GPS products are supported via