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Tutorials and Articles on Cudafy

Video Introduction to CUDAfy.NET

Using Cudafy for GPGPU Programming in .NET

An article at Code Project serving as an introduction to Cudafy.  Click here to read.

Ultra High Quality Image Rotation on a GPU
A code project article.  Rotate an image in the frequency domain and witness the curious optical effects of fraction of a degree and sub-pixel manipulation.

High Performance Queries: GPU vs PLINQ vs LINQ
Code project article showing how to get 30x speedup by doing queries on GPU instead of PLINQ/LINQ.

Base64 Encoding on a GPU
An article on performing base64 encoding on a GPU.  A useful introduction to Cudafy. 
Faster Data Copying to GPU
How to optimize data transfer speed between host and GPU.  Click here to read.

Using NVIDIA Parallel NSight 2.0 from Cudafy.NET
A short note on how to use the Parallel NSight Debugging in Visual Studio.

Multi-GPUs and Contexts
Article on the Cudafy Codeplex site on how to work with multiple GPUs from one application.

Travelling Salesman Problem
Useful series of articles showing comparing various solutions including the use of CUDAfy.